Kid Valley Campground


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This area along the Toutle River known as "Kid Valley" was settled around the turn of the century. Upriver logging camps and mining claims near Mount St. Helens brought people and notoriety to this small settlement.

Many remember the old time proprietor of the Kid Valley Store, Stanley Lee, as being cut from the same hard rock as Harry Truman and possibly, Bigfoot himself. In days past, rumors of gunfire, moonshine and flashy ladies gave Kid Valley a very colorful reputation.

When Mount St. Helens erupted, "downtown" Kid Valley was spared but many families in outlying areas, such as Maple Flats, lost their homes. Across the river, 19 Mile Logging Camp was completely buried under 12 feet of mud and just upstream, the mudflows filled the Green River Fish Hatchery.

Despite the changes, Kid Valley retains its unique character and charm. One of the original homesteads in the area now is host to the Kid Valley Campground, where campers can relax under Northern Spy apple trees planted about 100 years ago.  

Our family also started 19 Mile House restaurant, which is a short walk through the woods.  Today, the restaurant is operated by Fire Mountain Grill and offers lunch and dinner for hungry campers and visitors.

Today the campground and 19 Mile House are still owned by one of the Toutle River Valley's original families. We welcome you to come and enjoy this quaint little corner on the Toutle River, as we have for over five generations.

Come visit us soon.


Kid Valley History

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